About The Designer- Sophia

House of Vintro emerged onto the fashion scene in 2018, establishing itself
as a powerhouse in the realm of statement jewellery and accessories. Founded by
Sophia McLean, a talented fashion jewellery designer and maker, the brand
quickly garnered attention for its edgy and unique creations. With a burning
passion for crafting innovative pieces, Sophia embarked on a journey to
redefine the concept of adornments.


Sophia’s creative journey began at the
prestigious London College of Fashion, where she honed her skills and developed
a keen eye for fashion-forward design. Her talent and dedication were
recognised in 2015 when she was selected as a finalist for CAD fashion
jewellery designs in the esteemed Goldsmith Awards competition. It was during
this time that Sophia started to experiment with a combination of 2D design and
3D software, pushing the boundaries of traditional jewellery making.

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